Womens Health

As a big part of womens health, heart health is often different.
Standard medical tests evolved to predict the disease in men.

However, it is as significant as for men. Heart disease is the third leading cause of death in women aged 30 – 39, second for women 40 – 64 and the number one killer in women over 65.

But, much of the research and published information on diet, effect of lifestyles and heart disease has been done by men about men.

Well girl, you are generally doing it right because women tend to seek health care more readily than men do.

Are you concerned about your own well being?

That means you should be checked and if diagnosed, you can treat yourself for High Blood Pressure Symptoms , a major factor in heart disease, earlier than most men are even checked or diagnosed.

A big difference is when women are likely to get heart disease

By and large women have a built in protective mechanism until after menopause. Estrogen offers women protection from heart and vascular disease. After menopause, levels fall gradually and along with age, the protection falls away.

Beware of rushing to artificially supplement estrogen though. Your own body is the best producer and regulator of all hormones. The trick is to keep this beautiful hormone dance in balance; and you can do a lot yourself easily and simply. In this regard all humans are the same.

  • Ensure your diet is full of fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Eliminate unproductive stress

  • Keep active with exercise

Womens health is intertwined with hormone cycles and the changes, which this produces over your lifetime: the menses, pregnancy and menopause. Sufficient relaxation, exercise and good nutrition are the best solution to the fatigue and stress that modern life often imposes on women.

Good food & lifestyle are keys to good womens health

Now that we’ve got the general idea that the recipe for a healthy body is a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, deep relaxation and sleep and regular exercise and fresh air, the absolute best side effect is the impact on skin health and beauty.

Everyone wants to be beautiful.

Your own role in your health is vital.

Feel the personal power of making simple changes that have profound healing effects. Maybe the easiest yet least used part of womens health are your own instincts. If you think about it, this is a deep biological part of us. Our own instincts tell us to grow, develop and get stronger in harmony with nature.

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