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The smart Weight Watcher does easy and safe things to lose weight
Keep it off too!

The best long-term weight watcher results come from just doing a few simple things.

Diets do not fit into our normal, everyday life and it’s a real struggle and often you just give up.

Being smart does not only involve following a specific program, counting points or using specific products but carefully assessing how to adjust what you eat to get to a natural weight for your body and lifestyle.

If you do follow a program and are looking for information specific to that program, please contact them.

But, before you do, stick around and you will find information here that goes a bit deeper; simple things that you can do to get to your desired weight and improve your heart health too.

What are the keys to success?

Learn How to Use Your Own Best Fat Burner

Light cooking uses a wide variety of fresh and delicious foods prepared in simple but delicious ways.

Sure, you can eat lots of healthy foods but you don’t really want to go low fat or low carb.

You like fruit and vegetables but also like meat and fish.

Really like eating what tastes good and stops your hunger too?

Diet basics make it easy to have great heart healthy recipes.

Have we forgotten how to eat a variety of fresh foods and instead we eat more and more boring foods?

We really are obsessed with weight aren’t we?

Anywhere from 80% of women and up to 65% of men are on a diet.

And, billions are spent on products or services. Why are so few successful?

Most of us have tried different diets and have had some success at some time. Low fat, low carb, high protein and meal replacement or cabbage soup.

All will cause the pounds to fall off. Why doesn't it last?

What’s the easy and free weight watcher recipe?

All diets work short term if you don’t break the rules

The equation is simple.

Limit calories taken in and burn off more than you need.

But, why don't diets work?

Any diet you try will lead you to being lighter on the scales, short term.

Permanent change is something different altogether.

To keep your body just right, you need to find an eating plan that you can do easily all the time.

Less or the same calories as you burn.

This is the main ingredient that you need and it’s free

It really is that simple, but it does require commitment.

Doing it together is why many people do have success. It keeps you motivated.

Many a friend can become a smarter too. Everybody knows that if you sit around all day eating junk food and not moving you’re going to keep getting fatter and fatter.

Is the south beach diet for a smart weight watcher and good for heart health too?

It has 3 phases starting with a strict diet that restricts calories and focuses on low GI foods with some protein.

This starts pounds falling off in days.

After phase 2 where you have reached your desired weight, you move into a maintenance phase 3 where you adjust your eating back to some of the foods that you like and that maintains your natural weight.

Although it is a diet as such, it is heading in the right direction to help you reduce cardiovascular risks and it is designed to avoid the yo-yo effect most people find with diets.

If you combine the basic ideas of the south beach diet and 30 minutes of walking each day you will have a simple and easy to do plan for life.

If you eat like a horse and exercise like mad, you’ll maintain your weight or even lose most of your body fat. Regular exercise, that you enjoy, is easy to do and it works wonders.

Have you tried: walking instead of driving?

To really get moving you can go running, jogging, hiking, swimming, bike riding, rowing, cross-country skiing, and jumping rope?

Super fit athletes are coached to be a natural weight watcher.

They adjust their food intake to achieve the right balance for their sport. They have the minimum body fat and the maximum lean body mass that suits their sport.

The good news is that everybody can also get the same results.

Become a smart weight watcher

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