Weight Watcher Recipes
The key ingredients

Learn the basics of the most effective weight watcher recipes

The key to any weight problem is to realize that most processed foods contain “bad” or “fast” carbohydrates like white sugar and white flour.

These enter our blood stream quickly and if not used up quickly by exercise get stored as fat.

But the worst part is that eating these “bad” carbs starts those really strong cravings for more of the bad stuff. It is vicious and the sort of treadmill nobody wants to be on.

Eating very few processed carbos and mainly fresh whole foods automatically starts the pounds dropping off and your heart health will start to improve out of sight.

Eating plenty of whole-unprocessed foods is the main thing in the best weight watcher recipes.

The trick is to eat plenty of foods low in calories and high in bulk. Eat foods that fill you up, don’t get absorbed quickly and are down the toilet and not on your hips as fat.

How do I become an easy weight watcher for life? A simple example can show you how easy it really is.

What about eating fresh fruits and low starch vegetables?

They are perfect ingredients in all weight watcher recipes.

At about 50 calories for a cup, instead of a slice of white bread at 100 calories or a cup of white rice or pasta at 200 calories you can see the difference is huge in calories taken in.

The fruits and vegetables fill you up and provide perfect nutrition. The other stuff is almost worthless as food and worst of all sets up really bad cravings for more of the bad stuff!

So if I eat plenty of fries or hash browns or buttered corn I’ll be OK? Don’t kid yourself, the true weightwatcher never does. Starchy vegetables fried in fat are just as bad as the white sugar and bread and pasta.

Why mess with nature and turn perfect foods into trash that you eat? Fresh is best, steamed OK but fried in fat is not.

What if you love meat, chicken, eggs etc? Do these fit into weight watcher recipes?

Many of us love these foods and for good reason. Protein rich foods are the most filling. They stave off those hunger pains and cravings and keep you satisfied until the next meal.

The best proteins are chicken, turkey and other poultry with the skin off, lean beef and pork, fish and seafood, low fat dairy and egg whites.

Want to go that extra step?

Just replace meat with vegetable protein like beans and tofu. Protein keeps your metabolism going at a good rate and maintains muscle while you lose fat.

So low carb is the answer?

Is that a solution?

Low or no carb diets will get the weight off fast to start but there are serious health concerns about eating no carbs and most people quickly “cheat” and the diet fails.

Instead choose “good carbs” that are high in fiber and low in calories using the simple plan we’ve talked about.

The best carbs are not processed.

Things like brown rice and rolled oats. They provide lots of fiber and still contain the good nutrients like B group vitamins.

They help keep you feeling full while things like sugar, white bread, pastries and most breakfast cereals out of a box actually cause big swings in blood sugar levels and make you feel hungry.

Many people on the Atkins diet get really frazzled because they aren’t getting these natural, mood balancing nutrients.

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