Easy training tips that will make you better

Staying really healthy requires regular exercise, heart healthy food and peace of mind.

These are the easy to do treatments for problems such as high blood pressure and hypertension, high blood fat levels and also depression.

The goal is to prevent many medical problems and a whole range of others

Would You like to:

  • Improve Body Image
  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Control Weight
  • Reduce Stress

Health Product Training?

Exercise can be done in many forms. Most of us are able to find the type of activity that we like, enjoy and help us to be healthy.

  • Check with your doctor that you’re OK
  • The best exercise for you is the one you do
  • Start with 3 days each week and work up gradually
  • Aim for 30 minutes each day of continuous activity
  • Aerobic is best for heart & lungs. Brisk walking, swimming, bike, dance, etc
  • Do “extra” during your day: Walk, use stairs, manual instead of powered
  • Change your activity regularly. Do one for a month, enjoy the benefits and change.

Variety and use different parts of your body

Before You Start:

Warm up & cool down

A slow warm up of 5-10 minutes, followed by some gentle stretching. Then gradually climb into the target range you have set. Reverse for a slow cool down.

People who warm up and cool down adequately have fewer athletic injuries.


Choose activities that use large muscle groups and which are continuous in nature. Some good examples are walking, swimming, running, aerobic dance, stair climbing machines, ski machines, treadmills, cycling or exercise bikes.


Even on 'rest days' gentle exercise such as a leisurely walk can be beneficial.


Select an exercise intensity zone that is both within your capability and in which you can achieve consistency. Studies show that people, who exercise at too high an intensity, especially in the initial stages of their program, drop out sooner, have more injuries, and tend to develop a negative impression towards training in general.

If necessary start in a low intensity zone and build up.

How long?

Aim for 20-60 minutes of continuous exercise in your target zone each session. If you are unable to exercise for 20 minutes initially, slow down and gradually build up to this.

Before you begin your training program, get an assessment of your overall fitness level.

How hard should you train and exercise?

Most people know that this is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically. Experts have recommended that people go at certain intensity levels to receive the most benefit from doing it.

What if you choose your own?

Some people try to match a preset level that they believe will be the most effective. Others go only as hard as they want.

People who chose their own level and those who do not, both report the same levels of well-being.

People who choose their own intensity level actually go harder and are more interested in doing it.

You seem to benefit the most mentally and physically when you choose your own level.

Why should it matter to me?

People who have trouble motivating themselves may become more interested in doing it. They actually find themselves training harder if they let themselves go only as hard as they want to instead of worrying about trying to keep up with some specified level of intensity.

Does regular exercise have other benefits?

This can vary. Some evidence suggests that you can reduce depression, anxiety, and anger and can improve your mood.

It is important whether or not you actually did some activity!

More important is how often you did something that lasts at least 20 to 30 minutes and was strenuous enough to make you at least slightly lose your breath and perspire.

Mental well-being

Generally,people who do something at least two to three times a week have less depression, anger, hostility, and stress than did those who did activity less than two times a week or not at all.

You may also feel a stronger sense of confidence in the belief that life in general is comprehensible, manageable, and meaningful and you feel more “connected”.

Basically, the message is that people who exercise regularly not only tend to be healthier physically but healthier psychologically as well.

Mind & Spirit

Part of being really well requires more than just eating well and staying active. These are vital. How much more is there to my life?

Easy training for your body, mind and spirit can show you.

How about moving further in your own personal development?

Develop insights into common life problems

Learn simple ways to increase value and meaning in your life

Dog Training

If you have a dog,you know it will enjoy walking with you.

This simple activity will keep you and your dog in great shape.

Gentle dog training benefits both your dog(s) and you in many of the ways mentioned above.

Dog Training