Is the South Beach Diet for you?

Does the south beach diet work?
The idea is simple and it is easy to do

The plan is to start weight loss. Pounds coming off quickly then smoothing the weight loss to reduce more or less "naturally" until you reach the right weight for you.

The south beach diet uses the glycemic index or an "exchange system". This measures the effect of a food upon your blood sugar levels.

Foods with low ratings on the glycemic index are those that let sugar into the bloodstream slowly, helping you feeling full for longer, they are great for good heart health.

Studies have shown that eating these lower-ranking foods can increase the body's metabolism and decrease insulin resistance.

Could this diet be a good one?

It was developed by a cardiologist and also looks at controlling cravings, which can be so strong they knock you right off the program all too quickly.

So if I eat fresh, unprocessed food, will I get to my right weight and be healthier? What about the real world? The south beach diet may help you to bridge the gap. It chooses pure foods to eat easily in our daily lives.

Good for Heart Health?

The South Beach Diet involves three phases:

Rapid Weight Loss

This initial phase lasts for two weeks. Most people should see a rapid weight loss during phase 1. Although this phase is the most restrictive of the diet, many people that have tried it say that the cravings disappear within the first few days. Be careful, that "little treat that won't hurt" of high glycemic foods during this phase could cause immediate weight gain.

Smooth Weight Loss

With this second phase, there are no set time limits as to how long you stay on it. Stay on phase 2 until you reach your goal weight.

Weight loss during this phase slows down. This is because many of the foods that were "out" in phase 1 are now "back in" the diet.

My Weight for Life

This final phase is one that should last for your life. Now you have changed your eating for the better and your health is getting better.

Having trained yourself and your body to make heart health choices you should now continue to eat food you know will keep you at your chosen weight.

If you do indulge a little and some of the weight creeps back on you switch back to phase 1 again for a short while until you have lost the extra pounds.

The South Beach Diet part 1 is like the 3 day diet.

You only have to avoid highly processed food that contains 'bad' carbohydrates and 'bad' fats and try and stick to the food that contains the 'good' ones. Your daily menus can easily use the healthy food types.

The South Beach Diet snapshot

  • Fairly balanced after the initial strict phase
  • Does not rely on high levels of saturated fat
  • No calorie or fat counting on this diet
  • Encourages regular meals and snacks
  • Very demanding for those used to carb-rich diets
  • Lapsing into old eating habits may result in speedy weight gain

This diet has a celebrity following and has received mixed reviews from dieters. On the whole, it aims to be balanced and was designed to improve heart health.

Is this what you want?

While you're losing weight and improving how your body responds to food, a vital change has been going on. Your whole blood chemistry and metabolism gets much better.

The long-term benefits to your cardiovascular system and your health overall can be just what you are looking for.

The south beach diet can improve your heart health with easy steps
Increase your odds of living long and well