The Smart Molecule - A Miracle Effect

This smart molecule isn’t a vitamin, mineral or herb, but it does form the intelligence network within our immune systems.

These molecules have a memory of previous illnesses. But they do much more than just remember them. They call the immune system of the body into action by stimulating NK (Natural Killer) cell activity.

In the 1970’s the “new” supplements were vitamins. In the 1980’s it was herbs. In the 1990’s we were introduced to antioxidants. Today, in the first decade of the 21st century it’s all about our own immune systems.

Immune System Basics

Your immune system has three important functions:

  • To recognize intruders like germs
  • To raise an effective attack against the intruders
  • To remember how to fight off intruders when they return

But while this has been known for some time, what hasn’t been widely reported is the vital role the tiny smart molecule plays.

Why You Haven’t Heard About This Until Now?

A medical researcher in immunology discovered the smart molecule over 50 years ago.

At the time he used white blood cells from human donors as the source. It was hailed as a major discovery by scientists around the world.

However, this was at the time when penicillin took center stage as medicine’s panacea; a “cure all” for sickness and infection.

Now no one can argue the role antibiotics have played in battling disease. But the path we have traveled has come at a price. Today we consume about 25 times more antibiotics than we did in 50 years ago.

And now some common and dangerous infections are resistant to most antibiotics. Doesn’t it make more sense to have a healthy immune system to battle disease?

Where Does The Smart Molecule Come From?

Mother Nature has provided an amazing way for a new baby’s undeveloped immune system to benefit from an older one that has already fought off thousands of infections.

Through the mother’s milk which contains colostrum, the baby inherits the mother’s immune information. The out dated and dangerous idea that mother’s milk could be easily replaced with “formula” is being reevaluated today.

We now know that the colostrum in the mother’s milk contains the miracle.

The breakthrough that allows people to have this easily is in the patented extraction process. We are not talking about all of the colostrum, only a small fraction where the real power lies.

The alternative, up to now has been to ask limited medical professionals to prepare inject-able extracts from white blood cells, at a cost of $20,000+ and considerable risk associated virus infected blood.

The molecule is tiny and from non blood sources
You get a safe product

We also know today that they can be shared across all mammals and other species as well. That’s because we all live in the same dangerous microbial world and all animals have immune systems that respond the same way as humans do.

The Smart Molecule Story

Extraordinary Immune Ability

An international leader in biotechnology has introduced an entirely new class of patented, science based supplements which is changing the way we can deal with our health.

The Smart Molecule is at the Heart

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