Opt in email and RSS. Target 100%

Use opt in email or RSS
Only contact people who want to hear your message

With opt in email and personalized information using RSS, you send information to people who actually "asked" for it. They are approaching you, are interested and are looking for what you offer.

Actual sales results from your marketing efforts depend on a number of factors, including who you are talking to, the relevancy of the message, and what you offer.


The 5 Pillar Affiliates

You can join a simple 2 tier affiliate program and receive a regular newsletter. This is a great guide and practical example of how to use opt in email.

Affiliate Signup

Be creative, direct and honest. Present your offer so that people see the benefits. State the facts and never try to force yourself.

Long ads usually don't achieve a very large response rate. Shorter ones get a much better response and the ideal ad seems to be one that is reasonably short and highlights the important aspects of your product or service.

Statistics show that the average prospect must be exposed to something up to 7 times before he or she will see the value of your offer. Some will see it straight away. It really all depends on how you word your proposal.

If you don't sell your opportunity on the first try, don't give up. Continue to contact them with a series of follow up messages. Try to give them as much information as they need to take up your offer. Include either a URL or an Email Address to direct your prospects for further information.

If you do or can write a newsletter, you can invite people to sign up for your newsletter. This is simple to do if you provide extra information, special "members" offers, etc.

Your offer must be relevant. For example, if you are selling a business opportunity that costs $500 to get involved with you should be up front.

Write a good message that will grab the interest of the prospect. It must contain a call to action directing the recipient to take some sort of immediate action."Call Now" "Visit this website today."

Consider what you are selling. Your offer must be something of value to your prospects.

If you are selling a high-ticket item you only need a few to break even, so your response rates can be lower. If you are selling a free item, your response rates will be higher.

It’s important to realize just how much you make from every sale and how much a good quality prospect is worth to you over time. A few good leads may be all you need when a client is worth several thousand dollars to you over a few months or years. Have you noticed what may happen by using the resources we’ve talked about?

What we’ve got now is a constant stream of people who are interested in what we might be able to show them. We have a stream of customers!

We have more and more people who are interested in what we offer and if we want, they will probably be interested in quality products or services that we have to sell.

Is there a problem with email?

Spam is unsolicited commercial e-mail sent to people who never asked for your information. Many good resources can help you to reduce being ignored in someone's mailbox. If you personalize your message, you'll never say: "Deliver My Mail!"

This site is the "Ultimate Guide To Spam And Anti-Spam Management”. Every business needs this information. Those who do not implement its recommendations will suffer. The information in here is invaluable...

  • How to take fair but effective counter-measures

  • The actual documents and technology to implement

  • What you need to do to STAY out of trouble (info here that you'll read nowhere else)

  • The 6 advantages of using Confirmed Opt-In Email. This is no longer a "should do" to please anti-spammers, it's just plain good business now

  • Special considerations for sequential autoresponders

  • Sanity test to the major ISPs and mail services

  • Bonded services -- worth it?

  • Monitoring blacklists

  • Converting to Web and form based systems and functions

  • What to do if you ARE filtered

  • How to back down the no-whitelist, stonewalling ISP

  • Stronger counter-measures

The "Deliver My Mail Package" .... the answer to What YOU Should Do When You Become A Statistic It's the most important AND overlooked story in e-commerce today. And if you're not prepared TODAY, you'll be sorry TOMORROW.

There is a move to RSS, and away from opt in e-mail as the means to deliver information. Maybe it will eventually return to being or"one-on-one, personal correspondence," its original and still excellent purpose.

So many people are wary about giving an e-mail address. But with RSS, they have ALL the control.

We use Solo Build It and you can also use many of the different features talked about here yourself. The friendly people at Solo Build It can help you decide what could be right for you.

Opt In Email and RSS can help you Target 100%

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