Mild Heart Attack Symptoms

What are mild heart attack symptoms?
They may only appear during exercise or stress
When we need more blood supply and oxygen

How we respond to stress, when we exercise and, unhealthy lifestyle may be the only time we even notice something is wrong.

Do we ignore things like job stress at our peril?

Job stress is the major factor in up to 33% of all heart disease in men.

You know what stress is like at work.

You just feel overwhelmed, on edge and not really at the top of your game.

Your blood and oxygen supply is getting worse and you’re feeling a tightness or pain in your chest. Doctors call this angina.

What matters most is our way of eating and living.

If you eat a lot of bad stuff one day, you CAN eat more healthy the next. If you're trying to reverse heart disease then you probably need to make much bigger changes in diet and lifestyle than someone who just wants to lose a few pounds and is otherwise healthy.

It is a good idea to avoid tension in ordinary day to day things too. Think about doing without emotional upsets such as tense sports matches on TV and other things that cause tension.

Regular relaxation is not laziness; it is therapy, which is easy to do.

What about a rest every day after lunch?

Many communities around the world do just this. They all have less mild heart attack symptoms and a more relaxed pace in their life.

Many people have elevated cholesterol levels and are developing atherosclerosis A silent risk for heart disease and a mild heart attack symptom

Maybe you think you have heart murmurs which could seem like something serious.

What Can You Do?

You are first advised to follow a diet based on the Heart Association or similar guidelines. If that doesn’t work, and it won’t for many, you are put on cholesterol lowering drugs for the rest of your life.

If you want to lower your cholesterol or blood pressure, you can begin by making small changes in diet and lifestyle. If that's enough to achieve your goals, great if not, then consider making bigger changes.

Really, most of us can make bigger and bigger changes in what we eat and lifestyle to get to our goals, often without drugs or surgery.

If we are told to “Eat this and don’t eat that", don’t we immediately want to do the opposite. It's just human nature, and maybe it goes back to the first diet advice that failed. "Don't eat the apple", and that was who talking?

Telling someone that they're likely to have a heart attack if they eat burgers and fries most days as their main food doesn't work very well. Why? For the same reasons, talking about "prevention" is boring to most people.

How boring is this?

When you change your diet and lifestyle, you feel good and look good. Your brain gets more blood and oxygen, so you think clearly and have more energy.

  • Your face gets more blood and your skin has fewer wrinkles
  • Your heart gets more blood
  • You have more stamina
  • You begin to reverse heart disease.
  • Your sexual organs receive more blood flow
  • You become sexier

There are over a thousand natural substances that have anticancer, anti-heart-disease and anti-aging properties.

These are food.

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and fish are rich in good carbohydrates, good fats, good proteins and other protective substances.

Many different choices are better. You feel better and in control. Can you see your food as part of a way of living? More healthy foods make you feel and look good.

A Natural Heart Formula

Live longer but also live better
Avoid all mild heart attack symptoms

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