How is Your Heart Going?

If your heart stops so do you
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Your "ticker" is a hollow organ, which makes the blood circulate. It is the seat of our emotions, affections and courage.

More than any other organ, it can adjust to its load. It can also be trained to be better. If you challenge it by exercise, you just know it is getting stronger.

Isn’t the latest advice, not to take it easy but walk and exercise gently then more strongly as soon as possible? Why is this good?

Athletes do this all the time. They train their heart to become bigger, stronger and able to pump a huge volume of blood at a safe pace on demand. Yours can do this naturally too.

It is

Should I look at what's for dinner too?

This is a good start. If you're really sick now or want to stop future problems, look at getting better through what you eat.

Heart Healthy Diet

The easiest thing to do is adding fiber to your diet such as vegetables, whole fruits and beans. The secret is not only drugs and costly surgery.

What about bad cholesterol?

When there is too much in the blood, it attaches to the walls of your arteries. This can cause build-up and hardening in the arteries, making the arteries narrower and stopping enough blood flow.

Atherosclerosis is a big danger to your health. It develops slowly over many years often without symptoms. The new view is that inflammation throughout the body is a root cause of much disease.

It may be surprising to learn that high blood pressure symptoms are an inflammatory disease too. It is an early warning symptom of future problems

Watching what we eat and doing exercise are the simple and easy ways to stop all this and even reverse them. There are reasons to go a bit further too.

Coenzyme-Q10 is important too. We can get some from our food but taking a supplement is usually needed for good results.

Inflammation is a root cause of chronic diseases.
There are therapies that directly target this process

The Natural Heart Formula

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