Heart Vitamins

Heart Vitamins are vital for Heart Health

We all know that vitamins are important for our overall well being.

They have been studied by thousands of people over many years.

But did you know that they are just as important for heart health too?

The best sources are fresh food, uncooked and unprocessed.

The natural heart vitamins that come from fruit, vegetables, dairy, fish, eggs and meat are most biologically active if eaten raw.

The raw meat may not be tempting, so try grill or steaming.

The reason is that heat degrades these vital nutrients that occur in fresh food at their most potent.

Vitamins for our heart can prevent or even reverse many problems.

If we eat mostly fresh fruit and vegetables, grilled fish and meat, etc, the result will be great for our heart and health.

We are all different and in different stages of health, so sometimes good fresh food needs extra supplements.


Blood lipid binding inhibitors are food substances that are non-toxic and studies have shown they improve health as intake increases.

Lesser amounts will have lesser effects. It is often not practical to obtain effective amounts in food alone.

Vitamin C and the amino acid lysine are the fundamental building blocks of collagen.

Over time, collagen must be replenished for blood vessels to remain healthy and plaque free.

It makes biochemical sense adding the amino acid, lysine to your daily diet and increasing intake as a dietary supplement.

Lysine is a common amino acid that "boosts" the effect of C.

This combination is a powerful blood lipid binding inhibitor.

There is a simple therapy that works in many people within 14 to 60 days. Naturally, some people say it didn't change their condition, or else required longer, sometimes more than 12 months.

Most people report relief in weeks rather than months.

Lp(a) levels in the blood provide objective evidence

People can verify this with their own lab reports. These reports will document the drop in serum Lp(a), which can be up to 80%.

With longer-term use the values continue to decline.

A simple yet powerful use of Vitamin C, the primary heart vitamin to improve heart health.

This beats surgery hands down.

Even after by-pass surgery, regrowth of plaque is common.

Patients risk strokes and other side effects; pieces of plaque may break free during surgical procedures causing a blockage.

On the other hand there has yet to be a single death of anyone from using a simple and natural health plan.

Facts about Lp (a)

  • No cholesterol drug lowers Lp (a) blood levels

  • Vitamins C and B3 both lower Lp(a) blood levels

  • Amino Acid, L-lysine prevents “sticking” and shrinks plaque.

  • Lp(a) blood level is the single greatest risk factor indicator.

If you have any vascular or heart disease, and if you do not want to have it, or prevent it, there is a natural heart formula that you can use now.

The Natural Heart Formula with Heart Vitamins

The Best Heart Vitamins

Generally, the more raw foods you eat the better.

Though if it is not organic, your fruits and vegetables could well be of lower nutritional quality.

Cooking and processing destroys the nutrient value.

Heart Vitamins are vital for Heart Health

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