Heart Healthy Diet

Like a heart healthy diet of foods that plan your menu too?
A healthy heart diet, less cooking meals and more fresh heart healthy foods.

What you eat can make you well or sick. So, you must have proper nutrition.Try and choose small, consistent changes.

The Benefit: Your whole body will thank you.

Research your diet to find ways to wellness through what you eat. You can start with what you like eating now. If it looks like it is good for your heart and health, just keep eating it.

A little tougher is dealing with things you really like to eat but you know are really, really bad for you.

What do I do now?

See if you can "swap" the really bad stuff for things that you like AND are good for you.

In one year, the average American has:

  • 100lbs of refined sugar
  • 55lbs of fat and oils
  • 300 cans of soda pop
  • 18lbs of candy
  • 12lbs of crisps, corn chips, popcorn, pretzels
  • Dozens of donuts
  • 50lb cakes & biscuits
  • 20 gallons of ice cream

Linder, P.G., '"Junk Foods" and medical education', Obes.Bar.Med., 11,

Heart Healthy Foods

What about good eating? Does that mean that the best way to become heart healthy is to look after what I eat?

This is a good start. If you're really sick now or want to stop future problems, start now and get better through what you eat.

Making simple adjustments to our eating habits can reduce or even eliminate the dangers.

It is simple to add fiber to our diet by eating vegetables, fruits and beans.

Easy to do.

Take control of the risks for heart problems. You might think what do I eat?

Healthy Heart Menu

Here are simple tips:

  • If it is sweet (sugar, candy, cakes, etc) try eating fruit instead.
  • For snacks (crisps, pretzels, etc) try eating nuts or plain popcorn.
  • Instead of donuts & biscuits, try whole grain bakery.
  • Reduce bad fats.
  • Grill fish, lean meat & chicken.
  • Use olive oil.
  • Forget salt, but use lemon.
  • Use onions, garlic, chilli and parsley.
  • Eat a vegetable salad each day.
  • Thirsty? Drink lots of clean water.

It may not sound pretty when you start, but give it time to move into your daily eating little by little.

In 6 months, all your friends will want to know how you got into such great shape. You will feel your heart get stronger too.

Here we point to simple and easy things to get well.

Most are basic, not hard to organize or do.

These simple things work. Make them work for you too.

The important ingredient: when you decide to stick with it.

Heart Healthy Diet Plan

The more you know about easy and simple things that help, the better you will be able to make decisions about how to make a heart healthy diet part of your life each and every day.

Remember, sickness doesn't just happen.

It usually creeps up on us without any warning.

So, to get rid of that sickness, it does take a bit of time and patience.

Do you think it's worth it?

If you are really unwell or want to prevent or even reverse heart problems, there are supplements and more information that can help you too.

A Heart Healthy Diet and A Natural Heart Formula

Fish Oil and Heart Health

Vitamin E and Heart Health

Still looking for THAT one and only great heart healthy diet? Forget it! Start your own, specifically for you. Try a few simple things we've talked about, listen to your body, notice what works and do this over a realistic period of time(months to a year)because it not only is good for your heart, it will bring your body to the right weight and you will also look great.

It is NOT really a diet but a way to eat fresh and normal foods that is so good for your heart health, perfect for YOU and it's FREE.

Start TODAY with some basics and get immediate results.

Be confident, your body knows what and how to do it. Just feed it good, fresh healthy food.

Help for Weight Management

Heart disease is the #1 cause of death.

It kills nearly 30% of us.

In fact, it kills more than cancer, AIDS, diabetes and accidents combined.

You don’t have to face fate. Kiss heart disease goodbye today.

Try a heart healthy diet

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