Heart Disease Treatment

Heart disease treatment early is vital to prevent bad heart health
Problems develop over 10 - 20 years, often without signs.

It is entirely realistic to prevent a heart attack.

The key lies in doing some simple and easy things and using new knowledge.

We can treat, correct and control the main risks.

Recognizing the risks before clinical symptoms occur and effective action opens the door to simple and effective treatments.

It is hard to control the risks associated with our genetics or our background. Therefore, what we eat, how our hormones are working and how our bodies produce energy requires serious attention.

A review of the common human eating habits and changes to these suggests that an increase in total calories eaten rather than eating fat coincide with the increase in preventable diseases in well off countries.

Basic Heart Disease Treatment

Triglycerides, unlike cholesterol are connected to "fatness" and the fact that high triglyceride levels are more closely associated with problems rather than cholesterol, especially after age fifty, means "over eating" is not a good start.

New research shows that inflammation in our system causes artherosclerosis and we are all told to watch our cholesterol.

And nobody really wants to talk about sugar.

This "fast" carbohydrate is probably the main culprit in the over eating that is going on.

What's this got to do with heart disease treatment?

The diet of early man contained little carbohydrate until agriculture developed.

Increasing standards of living together with low cost has resulted in today’s ever increasing consumption of sugar containing processed foods.

  • Analysis of retail food shows a dramatic increase in simple sugars.

  • A direct relationship between heart problems and sugar?

It used to be true that when we ate what we liked, we ate what our bodies needed, both in quantity and quality.

Today, the abilities of food technologists to separate taste from nutritional value means that this simple in built guide is being fooled

The “average diet”, (pizza, fried chicken, sugar, burgers, sodas, donuts, etc) has been clearly shown as causing metabolic imbalances, which ultimately results in needing heart disease treatment.

Simple Treatment of Heart Disease

If you have heart disease in your family or you have felt pain in your chest while doing physical activity, isn't it time to do something for your heart?

The simple things really get you on the right track.

Eating simple foods, increase moving around during the day and reduce stress.

Have a look at your personality type too, it may be part of the problem.

  • Change your diet
  • Eat simple and fiber rich foods
  • Walk for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Destress, while walking, take time for yourself regularly

You can do the most important things yourself.

How do you see your own health?

Is it my job or is it the doctor's job to keep me healthy?

Most of the epidemic diseases of the past were overcome by social and cultural changes and preventative measures, rather than application of direct medical knowledge.

Heart disease is an epidemic, the number 1 killer.

Heart disease treatments that focus on prevention and simple lifestyle changes are successful.

If you have had a heart attack, medical science can help to patch you up, but your health is now out of your hands compared to what you can do by living a more healthy way of life.

Extra Things that You Can Do

For some people these simple things are normal and done everyday.

Heart disease treatment can be simple and effective if you move to a healthy lifestyle. CoenzymeQ10 is vital in heart disease treatment. It is often thought of as a vitamin and it is part of the body's energy producing process.

Are you a good fat burner?

Learn how you can get your own natural fat burner going well, that makes you look good and feel great too.

With the simple changes to your eating and lifestyle you also protect yourself from insulin resistance.


This condition is very common and leads to diabetes and increased risk of heart disease. Learn how to manage insulin resistance.

Choose what you need to help you get great heart health.

If you use simple and easy preventative heart disease treatments, you'll be in far better shape than relying on complex and expensive medical procedures.

Heart Vitamins are important to get good heart health and prevent the need for expensive and on going heart disease treatment.

Look to improve your overall well being using supplements.

We use and recommend an easy to drink fruit based health supplement like the Feel Good Health Product.

Whether you are in good shape now or are really struggling with bad heart health, the right amount of simple exercise training will help to avoid expensive surgery and drugs.

We invite you to review some Simple Training for Heart Health

Even if you have bad heart health now, doing simple things will start to get you back in good shape.

Avoid complications and expense of heart disease treatments