Heart Attack Symptoms

Heart Attack Symptoms can be obvious but also subtle, especially in women.

  • Symptoms can be sudden, while most start slowly.

  • The chest may feel uncomfortable and feel tight or heavy.

  • Pain may travel to the neck and arms (often the left side).

  • People may think this is indigestion and ignore it.

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Symptoms of a heart attack in women can be different than they are for men and can just feel as though "... something is not quite right".

Chest pain means the body needs more oxygen, for example, during strenuous exercise, after eating, when there are changes in temperature, or during extreme emotion.

But, chest pain can also occur when at rest. Often women affected aren't sure what's wrong and wait too long before getting help.

Women can feel different than men and the signs are often rather subtle.

Heart attack symptoms for women include all of the above but watch out for how you are feeling. Often we know something is not right.

Your own body tries to warn you early of things we need to look at for our heart health.

  • Unusually Tired
  • Unrefreshed after Sleeping
  • Short of Breath
  • Anxious

Mild, Early or Silent?

Sadly we sometimes do our best to ignore the things that warn us. Why not listen to your own body? It really does its best to warn us of problems long before they become hard to treat.

The most common thing is chest pain that feels like something is gripping you and making your chest tight. It may feel like indigestion but usually is stronger up under your breastbone.

More symptoms are feeling the pain in your arms, neck, jaw, and maybe your upper abdomen.

Signs of a heart attack can include feeling restless and a cold sweat. You may feel dizzy and look pale.

All of these signs of heart attack have the same basic cause.

Plaque cuts the flow of blood and oxygen to the heart and the rest of the body. If the blood and oxygen supply is cut off sharply or for a long time, muscle cells suffer severe damage and often die.

You can take control of your heart health.

Start on the road to better cardiovascular performance, protection and prevention.

Continuous Chest Compression CPR - Video

Your own body has the ability to protect you from common infections to the most difficult diseases. Helping your immune system fight an existing illness means you can learn to prevent most health problems.

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