Heart Attack Signs

Are there any heart attack signs or heart disease warning?
Things that tell me earlier to watch out.

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Sadly we sometimes do our best to ignore all the signals

You're feeling run down and under pressure from stuff at work or business, there are serious family issues at home and I've never got any time! I can't live without my coffee and getting take out on the way home is easier than having to cook. I'm not really fat but a lot of my wardrobe is feeling a lot tighter and when have I got time to exercise or relax? Sound familiar?

Working, eating, drinking, coffee, smoking or sleeping (when I can get to sleep); that's a normal day for me. I thought all those vague symptoms are just from stress and part of getting old. I figure that I'm past twenty, now thirty, even forty and have to accept that the aches and pains are part of normal life. Well I haven't had any signs of a heart attack yet, but are these also warnings of heart disease too?

The worst part about the most common killers of our time, heart disease and cancer, is that they creep up on us gradually and slowly, sometimes over a period of years. We don't just suddenly get heart disease or suddenly get cancer

A lot of these earlier warnings like headaches, fatigue in the afternoon, unable to concentrate, sleeplessness, depression, catch colds all the time, should not be ignored. It takes years of bad habits and these annoying symptoms but all too soon you are facing a life ending heart attack.

So how long has this been going on? Is my body trying to warn me?

We are encouraged to ignore our vague symptoms. For many it's assumed there is no way to treat them and some assume they are not dangerous. Shouldn't I just "tough it out"?

Many of the mild symptoms that are called psychosomatic are probably real and serious physical warning signals that if ignored, will almost certainly develop into chronic disease.

These health mysteries often invite solutions from friends, family and doctors to relax, take a vacation, lose some weight, stop drinking, join a gym or try another doctor.

These will all help but none of this advice tells you how to really get healthy and worse it might blind you to the early warnings and force you to spend years of your life with really poor health.

Early Signs of a Heart Attack

Think you're healthy but suffer:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Afternoon fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Overweight
  • Frequent colds, sore throats, and other infections
  • Irritability
  • Digestive problems

Choose to make simple and easy changes. Use this guide to check if you think you're healthy. If you are doing good things but also bad things like:

  • Exercise but skip breakfast
  • Have breakfast but have coffee and sweets as a pick me up
  • Limit coffee and alcohol but don't exercise
  • Exercise regularly but eat erratically
  • Take supplements but smoke
  • Don't smoke but sleep less than 7 hours each night

You may be ignoring early signs of a heart attack and are a serious candidate to experience the classic medical heart attack symptoms, maybe not now but within the next 15 years.

How we live our lives or our "life style" really says more about how you feel now and will feel in the future. If we don't live well, you won't feel well, now or in the future.

Our daily habits determine our heart health and if we show any heart attack signs.

What you can do about Heart Attack Signs?

Most of the things we talk about are easy and simple to do. They work and will offer you a high level of protection, whether you have heart disease now, have a family history of heart problems or maybe you just want to be as healthy and fit as you can.

Do you know about Atherosclerosis? You should because this condition can be reversed. The ideas may challenge the way you now deal with your heart problems and probably your medico's as well.

Are you up to speed with the latest information to help you?

Heart Attack Signs and Atherosclerosis

Have you reviewed the latest Natural Heart Formula?

Earlier we listed some of the "vague" symptoms that we often ignore at our peril until it is too late.

For good heart health, don't ignore early heart attack signs.

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