Fat Burner

Your liver is your own natural fat burner and fat pump, the original and the best. A healthy liver will make fat and many health problems disappear.

To help your liver burn fat:

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and fiber
  • Go low sugar, low fat and avoid pollutants
  • Your liver makes all the cholesterol you need

Nutritional medicine is simple and powerful.

Thousands of years of practice have allowed humans to work out what is bad and what is good for us. Our ancestors, through trial and error, developed what we should eat.

They started to see what things could help us too.

In more recent times, many doctors, health professionals and healers have through many years of experience, learned that if you let your body work well it will keep itself healthy.

Your liver is your best fat burner too.

Helping our liver has been proven time and time again, to restore health and remove fat, where all the standard treatments had very little to offer.

Would you like to restore your health?

You can rejuvenate yourself if you have poor health, are struggling with weight and are feeling tired and run down.

The key to doing this is to use your own natural fat burner, a healthy liver.

  • It keeps your body clean
  • It controls your body weight
  • It controls energy production

If you’ve got a liver below average, improving liver function often ”clears away” all sorts of health problems.

  • Lose weight
  • Feel more energy
  • Works if all the diets have let you down

Your liver controls your metabolism. Your own fat burner or diets?

It is the only body organ or system that can do this and it can also “pump” fat out of your body. Your whole health and vitality is mainly due to your liver working properly. Why?

Your liver controls:

  • Carbo, fat and protein metabolism
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Detox in your body

Need some help to get going?

Use simple and easy to follow ways to get going. You don’t have to count calories, points or anything like that.

Easy to do basics

  • Listen to your body-only eat when actually hungry
  • Drink lots of clean water. 8 – 12 glasses through the day
  • Reduce sugar. Your liver turns sugar into fat on your body
  • Don’t stress over calories
  • Avoid foods that you know upset you
  • Eat fresh, not packaged, processed or pre-prepared
  • If stressed don’t eat. Go for a walk instead
  • Eat high quality fresh foods – organic, pesticide free
  • Eat varied proteins: meat, eggs, fish, beans, nuts
  • Select bread carefully or make your own
  • Don’t suffer constipation. Eat plenty of fruit & vegetables
  • Avoid saturated or “damaged” fats and oils.

What happens if I do this simple and natural stuff?

Your body:

  • Removes excess cholesterol
  • Pumps out fat
  • Gets to its ideal weight
  • Heals and balances
  • Throws out most health problems

    Is your best fat burner working hard for you?