Diet Basics

Diet basics start weight loss, pounds coming off quickly
Then smoothing naturally until you reach the right weight for you

You can easily get going with a few simple easy to do diet basics and enjoy all of its benefits with this guide.

Remember that we are all different, so our body shape and weight are all different.

But, we all know which foods and how we eat them put on the pounds. Now let's look in the mirror and be truthful!

Everybody knows what foods make him or her fat and what kind of eating helps keep you slim.

It is obvious:

you cut out donuts, pastries etc, which cause weight gain, and replace them with healthy fruit and vegetables.

Likewise, bad saturated fats like that in fried stuff are replaced with healthy unsaturated fats found in certain vegetable oils and lean meat.

Can Diet Basics improve my Heart Health?

Understanding simple diet basics should include how to use the glycemic index or the "exchange system".

This measures the effect of a food upon your blood sugar levels.

Foods that are rated high on the glycemic index are those which cause a sudden rise in blood sugar levels, and these are the ones that cause weight gain and cravings.

So, the easy thing to do is cut down big time or just cut them out.

Foods with low ratings on the glycemic index are those that let sugar into the bloodstream slowly, helping you feeling full for longer, they are great for good heart health.

Studies have shown that eating these lower-ranking foods can increase the body's metabolism and decrease insulin resistance.

Diet Basics and Insulin Resistance

One of the most important factors in getting your weight just right for you.

Insulin resistance is the underlying cause of many common illnesses.

This metabolic disorder is probably the most significant cause of bad health in the western world.

What happens is that abnormally high levels of sugar are left in the bloodstream due to the reduced activity of insulin, a hormone that regulates the transport of sugar from the blood into cells.

How do I get to my right weight and be healthy?

Let's use a simple diet basics plan that almost all experts would endorse and just makes plain common sense.

We eat food, which gives us the best possible levels of all known nutrients and low levels of things that are bad for us.

We just don't need:Sugar, Hard Fats, Cholesterol, Salt and Additives. This means candy bars, sodas, lard, fat marbled meat, full fat milk, organ meat, most "tasty" snacks and most pre-prepared or heavily processed excuses for food.

Good eating might look a lot like this:

Lots of fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts. This means apples, oranges, bananas; carrots, salad, parsley; oats, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pick your own favourite bean(s); almonds, peanuts, brazils.

All of these foods contain valuable nutrients & enzymes.

It is food that is still "alive" rather than processed and dead.

It has fibre, which has remarkable health benefits like keeping our "pipes" clean.

We only need enough, not excessive protein (chicken, fish, lean meat, milk, eggs).

High intensity muscle training needs plenty while long sitting card players need very little.

Excessive protein really works my kidneys. So, I'm drinking more than 8 glasses of water a day. We all know water dilutes and washes away; so, I'm using lots of it to get rid of the waste.

Have a look at how the south beach diet was developed to help improve heart health through what you eat and how the smart weight watcher combines simple and easy to do things to help lose weight and stay healthy.

Easy diet basics are all about eating pure foods daily