Causes of Heart Disease

The causes of heart disease depend on what we do or don't do every day. Problems often start without us even feeling them or knowing they are there!

The Things that are important:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • High Blood Sugar
  • High Weight
  • High amounts of Smoking and Drinking
  • High Stress
  • Higher Age

There is no mystery here. We’ve all heard about these.

Result? More than 10 million deaths world wide each year and the reason for half the deaths in the United States and other modern countries. It is fast becoming the main reason for death in developing countries too.

Causes of Heart Disease and Ways to Prevent Them

50 million Americans have some form of cardiac problem and nearly 2500 die every day. You might think that cancer is the big one but no, only half as many people die of it.

Heart Disease Treatment

Your Health

If you are taking more risks, of course the results are more obvious. But you can do a lot yourself with simple easy to do things. Especially the causes of heart disease.

A Natural Heart Formula