Causes of Heart Attack

Many times the causes of heart attack are put down to an accident, getting emotionally upset, exercising too hard or the stress from work or business and many other things.

It is strange that there is no clear evidence of heart attacks being triggered off by something either.

The only time that you can be quite certain of the causes of heart attack is if you have had surgery or a serious injury. In this case your medical carers can usually anticipate an attack and prevent it.

What leads up to the heart attack is one of two things:

  • Not enough Blood Flow to Heart Muscles
Or Acute Coronary Insufficiency

This is where there is a sudden cut in blood supply to the heart muscle because of a temporary blockage or spasm of an artery. The muscle cannot work properly and goes into a painful cramp.

After a short time, minutes to an hour or two, the blood supply improves and the heart muscle begins to work again and the symptoms clear up completely.

  • Heart tissue destroyed from blocked blood supply to the heart muscle
Or Myocardial Infarction

This is where the heart muscle is destroyed and happens in about 80 per cent of people who have a heart attack.

Here the blood supply is cut off completely to part of the heart muscle. Within a few hours, the the heart muscle dies and cannot help with the pumping work of the heart.

How serious a heart attack is and whether a good recovery happens depends on the amount of the heart muscle that is damaged.

If only a small part of the muscle is involved, as happens with many people, there are usually fewer complications and nearly all people make a full recovery with no loss of heart muscle ability.

However when the heart muscle is without blood for more than an hour or two, the cells in the muscle change and degenerate.

The dead muscle tissue is gradually removed by the body's healing process. Very quickly healing happens and scars form. The speed of healing varies according to how much muscle is damaged and is completed in about six weeks.

What is clear is about 95 per cent of people who have had an acute heart attack have atherosclerosis - top of the underlying causes of heart attack.

The causes of heart attack are quite complex. You can have one at any time of the day or night. It can happen at home or at work. You maybe in bed, sitting or being active.