Great Heart Health and Weight
Heart Attack?

Learn how to boost your heart health and control your weight with foods so you look good, feel great and love your heart.

That sounds like what I'm looking for; I feel OK most of the time, get a bit puffed going up those stairs and life is so stressed, but I'm OK.

Our heart health and weight can be hard to sort out but, they do fit together and can be in complete harmony.

We know that cardiovascular disease is the number ONE killer worldwide which often means many of us have symptoms without even knowing about it.

One in two men aged 40 and over, and one in every three women, can expect to need treatment and are, or should be, already worried.

It is hard to live a normal life feeling tired, weak and dizzy, short of breath and your heart pounding.

Sadly, this is very common. Maybe this is you or someone you love or you know someone?

There are many cardiovascular problems, like:

  • Heart Disease Symptoms
  • Heart Attack Symptoms
  • High Blood Pressure Symptoms
  • Congestive Heart Failure

But what are the causes of heart attack? What are the effects of heart disease?

Research has discovered that inflammation, a natural reaction, is a primary cause. Silently, over the years, our bodies suffer low level inflammation. What we eat has a lot to do with it!

High blood pressure symptoms are an early warning. You develop atherosclerosis, insulin resistance and are under stress.

You are not alone. This is a world wide epidemic

If you wait until you have a heart attack and you're not under high level medical care within 60 minutes(The Golden Hour), sadly, you'll almost certainly be dead. Please Call an ambulance immediately

Drugs may help control some symptoms.

Like to find out about why prevention maybe better than treatment?

The wisdom of history teaches us that the food we eat controls our heart health and weight. Modern, evidence based science is also discovering similar results.

Call it commonsense if you like.

Being overweight means we are not eating well and not metabolizing food completely with movement, work or exercise.

You can help like nothing else by doing a few simple things. It's never too early and it's never too late either. Try some of the things you find here.

You can beat most diseases and be really well

Find answers, get the facts, look at a heart diagram or some heart pictures, share insider tips and heart health and weight secrets right here.

The How, Why and What ... made easier.

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